Our Story - Pottery Beginings

Susan has always been considered "artsy".  In her youth, she was involved in art, dance and theater.  However, it wasn't until she moved to Outlook, Saskatchewan in 1983 that she found her passion. 

Susan fell in love with clay; with the ability to take a lump of malleable dirt and create things of beauty.  She still marvels that when you touch clay, you leave your mark, allowing very intimate conversations between the maker and, through the piece, with the world.

Robertson later went on to work for the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  The exposure to some amazing clay artists in the province inspired her to take her diploma in Applied Fine Arts - Ceramics at the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Science. Eventually, encouraged by her husband, Susan began working as a full time, professional potter. 

About her work, Susan's goal is simply to make people smile.  She loves to hear the exclamations of "oh, look at that!", "this reminds me of ..." and "this would be perfect for..." and the huge grins that she brings to peoples' faces. 

"My work is not deep, dark and thoughtful.  I just want to bring joy into peoples' lives through everyday objects."